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General Feedback

andi bowie: I think you need like pictures to show what it looks like or get dolls to dress up in the cloths
80-89: Just check out the Culture section - plenty of pics.

Ayoub Srouji: Best list of 80's songs so far - takes me way back to the good old days.
Matt Schachtebeck: The site is awesome I've been looking for charts like these because there was so many crazy band names in the 80s that I cant ever find the songs so thanks for the help.
80-89: The music was great - the key was the variety and a willingness to take a risk on new sounds.

Susan: I wish they had a compilation of the top 40 full length songs for each year for sale to the public. The majority of the songs were awesome!! Let me know if someone is smart enough to release these songs as a set.
80-89: iTunes is probably the only way to get most of the songs. There are plenty of compilations out there but these typically lack many tracks because of the difficulty of getting all the artists/record labels to give permission.

Feedback on 99 Luftballoons
rachel: I have the goldfinger version of 99 red balloons... they sing the 4th german verse of the song and I was just wondering what it meant!! can any one help?
80-89: 4th verse roughly translated:
99 war ministers
Matches and petrol cans
Thought that they were smart
Already smelled oily loot (greasy cash?)
Shouted war and wanted power
Man, who would have thought
That one day it would come to this
Because of 99 balloons

Rudelyn: I love this song, eglish and german!!! I alsso like it when Goldfinger sings it! Ya'll rockkkk hehe I'm so retarded
80-89: This is posted unedited - we like to see a bit of passion. We also don't mind seeing the occasional attempt at grammar, spelling and punctuation. FWIW: the post is referring to 99 Luftballoons.

Deutscher: 99 red balloons - this is not a correct translation.
80-89: That's right, the song was rewritten for English. See our interview with Kevin McAlea the writer of the original English lyrics.

beccabee: I was told that 99 Luftballoons is about the Berlin Wall. Is this true, if not what is it about?
80-89: We'll let another poster answer this question. Dale Hill writes: When I first heard this song many moons ago I loved it instantly! Now I speak German and having translated the lyrics literally from German, its a very poignant song. The main gist is that the balloons were released during the cold war in order to confuse the Russian alert systems. But the English lyrics, being not really a translation as such are still interesting.

Bill in Hollywood: You folks are right, the Englische version of 99 Ballons is a great song by itself but it doesn't quite match the visual impact of the Deutscher version. I lived in DE when this first came out and it and the video took Europe by sturm. There's something really primal? about a sexy german Babe walking amongst burning rubble while singing about total destruction, the great War of all time, and other Teutonick imagery, it was just great...tschuss

Kenneth M. Hinds Thank you for the explanation of the disparity between the German and English versions of the the song. Until the Late '80s the only version that I had heard was the German. It wasn't until I got the US release CD that I realized that the lyrics didn't jive between versions. But, at least now I know why.

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