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Misheard 80s song lyrics
Ever found out you have been singing the wrong lyics all these years or perhaps the lyrics didn't seem to make much sense? Here are some of our favourite commonly misheard lyrics of 80s music.

American Horror Story Hotel: music and song list, 80s songs, 80s themes for each episode
American Horror Story Hotel creates a fabric of warped time by integrating various techniques into its design and most notably - the soundtrack.

80s Love Songs
Like any good musical period, 80s music had its fair share of love songs. Some were hopelessly cheesy and others can still make people cry.

80s Music Trivia
Get a quick introduction to 80s music with this collection of trivia.

80s Music Trivia Part 2
Yet more more trivia of 80s music.

Lyrics: Come on Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners
Now you can properly sing along with this 80s mussic classic rather than mumbling through it

Lyrics: 99 Luftballons - 99 Red Balloons
See the German and English versions of this classic 80s music track side by side.

Interview: Kevin McAlea
Interview with Kevin McAlea, writer of the English lyrics to 99 Red Balloons (99 Luftballoons).

80s music hits
Lists of 80s music top selling charts are always controversial. The Top 40 charts shown here are no different. Check out these big sellers of the early 80s and see if they match your view of popular 80s music.
80-81 | 82-83 | 84-85 | 86-87 | 88-89

Psy - Gangnam Style Lyrics translated into English
It's certainly not song released from the 80s, but it's been a long time since a new released captured so much of the 80s in one go.

Depeche Mode - the real origin of the band's name
It is a common mistake to assume that the name Depeche Mode is purely a translation from the French for 'fast fashion'. So what is the real origin of the band's name?

I Don't Like Mondays by the Boomtown Rats
The Boomtown Rats are most widely known for their hit I Don't Like Mondays. It may surprise many people to discover that the song was inspired by a real event.

Songs about computers and computer games
Computers started to enter everyday life in the 1980s and this technology featured in a number of 80s songs.

The Nuclear Threat and Anti-war songs of the 80s
Living under the nuclear threat was a justifiable concern to most people in the 80s, and it is no real surprise that it featured throughout 80s music.

The Wedding Singer
While The Wedding Singer was one of the first films to launch new interests in the 80s - particularly 80s music, it is still highly flawed to anyone who lived through that period.

80s songs about masturbation
After listening to all the 80s doom and gloom of Nuclear war music, people needed some light relief. Not surprisingly this came in the form of songs about self indulgence - a popular 80s theme.
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