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The Poltergiest Curse
After the deaths of four actors in this 80s movie trilogy, is there really a curse on the Poltergeist movies?

The numbers game
Box office totals can be misleading, from population increases to inflation, the numbers are a little unreliable. The total box office for each year of the 80s shows the impact of video on takings.

The Wedding Singer
While The Wedding Singer was one of the first movies to launch new interests in the 80s - particularly the music, it is still highly flawed to anyone who lived through that period.

Wedding Singer flaws - part 2
Apart from the music - what else did this movie get wrong?

80s movies: top 100 box office.
So which 80s movies managed to rake in the most money?

Academy Award winners by year: 1980-1989
The Academy Award winners by year for the 80s presents an interesting list. While there are around 20 award categories in total, here are the big three: Best movie, Best actor in a leading role and Best actress in a leading role.

Horror Movies of the 80s
Horror movies had a golden period from the early 70s to the mid-80s. Here are some of the best: Hellraiser, Nightmare on Elm St, Re-animator and more.

Apocalyptic 80s movies
Despite a long list of popular songs about Nuclear war, few movies succeeded in using it as a central theme.

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