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Top 10 Music Videos from 1980

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It would be fair to say that modern music videos began their life in the early 80s. While it is true that music videos were around before 1980, it wasn't until the launch of MTV and accessibility to cheaper video and computer technology that music video really started to take off in its own right. It may seem strange today but many top 10 songs of the early 80s did not even have a music video. A significant number of music videos of the era were no more than performances recorded on TV pop shows such as Top of the Pops (eg, the original video for Soft Cell's Tainted Love) or Countdown.
Some music videos were simply a montage of album covers and publicity shots (Upside Down - Diana Ross ). Even the top selling song in the US of 1980, Call Me, did not have a dedicated music video. It consisted of clips from their concerts, the film American Gigilo (which featured the song) and other band artwork.

This 1980s top 10 music video collection shows the most defining videos from the year 1980. They had the wow factor that may often seem basic by today's standards. Ashes to Ashes caused a massive buzz upon its release in 1980, while 'To Cut a long story short' and Ant Music typified the music style known as The New Romantics. These classic 1980s music videos say as much about the fashion of the times as they do about the music.


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